4 Scary Things You Only See Under A Microscope

Our naked eyes cannot see everything. Objects that are extremely small also called microscopic objects, can only be seen using the help of scientific tools like the microscope. The microscope magnifies this objects until our naked eyes are able to see them. Other tools that can be used to see this objects include telescopes and magnifying lenses. Different objects require different resolutions for them to be seen clearly with our naked eyes. The smaller the object the higher the resolution required.
However, the viewing of microscopic objects in microscopes do not always portray good pictures. Some magnified objects tend to seem somewhat scary in appearance. This is because of the high megapixel lenses that over zoom the objects, creating a scary appearance in our eyes.
Below are four scary things you only see under a microscope:

I. Bacteria
This microscopic organisms can be very scary when viewed in a microscope. They are not visible by our naked eyes hence require a microscope to be seen. This is because they measure a few micrometers in length. In addition, only the microscopes that have undergone the microscope servicing process are able to clearly bring out the image of the bacteria. They appear like rods, spheres and spirals making them seem scary on a microscope.

II. Virus
Since its discovery, this disease causing organism remains to be a microscopic and very scary when viewed under the microscope. Its shape resembles a semicircular object with spike like projections from its surface. This projections are the major reason causing its scary appearance that we see on a microscope. Scientists specialized in virology (study of viruses) found out that they can inhibit and attack any living organisms on earth including bacteria due to their small size. This requires a high resolution that translates to a scary picture.

III. Germ
Even if our naked eyes cannot be able to see a germ, a microscope that has undergone maximum microscope servicing can help us see it. However, the appearance of a germ has never been pleasing at all. A germ appears in multiple shapes depending on its type and size. It can be symmetrical, spherical or even have a rod like shape that appears to keep on changing its shape. The fact that it can change its shape also guarantees a scary picture coming in as a surprise.

IV. A Dust Particle
Dust is everywhere in the air, it is only that our naked eyes cannot see it. When a dust particle is placed on a microscope, its appearance is not as pleasing as it can be thought of. It ceases to be the normal dust particle to a scary object. It appears like a virus and can scare a first time user of a microscope.
Microscopes are of different types and strengths. To get the best result, we need to make sure that the microscope has undergone microscope servicing. In addition, the lenses should be regularly cleaned.