Another satisfied customer………

Following a recent call out to investigate a faulty Leitz DMRB with no illumination, it was decided the best option to get it working again was to fit the CoolLED pE-100 LED illumination system to it.

The pE-100-White is a powerful white LED illumination source designed for transmitted light applications. The system uses a new LED technology which has a spectrum closely matched to that of a 100W Halogen lamp, rendering colours which are immediately familiar.

Samples will appear identical under the pE-100-WHT but intensities can be up to five times greater. Laboratories familiar with halogen lamps will find that CoolLED’s white gives results which make the move to LEDs simple and obvious due to the many additional benefits which LEDs offer. Histologists and cytologists who are familiar with results from a conventional halogen lamp can immediately make accurate and reliable diagnosis using the pE-100-WHT.

Previous LED technology offered illumination which was weak at longer wavelengths. This made the red element of images appear faint and caused colours to lose their clarity. The new pE-100-WHT provides colour balancing which remains constant across the full intensity range. In addition, the pE-100 does not produce unwanted light in the UV which makes it a safer product for the user as risk to damage to eyes is significantly lower.

As an LED product, power consumption can be up to 80% lower making the environmental impact of the pE-100-WHT much less than a conventional halogen lamp.

The pE-100-WHT LED Illumination offers the following benefits –

  • Spectral performance matched to 100W Halogen
  • No variation in colour across intensity range
  • Instant On/Off
  • Control
  • Stability
  • Repeatability
  • Replaces 100W Halogen lamp housing on most current and older microscopes
  • Lifetime will exceed 50,000 hours of on-time
  • No need to replace or align bulbs

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