Meiji Microscope Appears on the One Show

Peter Reaville, Finds Liaison Officer in Shropshire was interviewed about treasure found in the UK when we spotted our Meiji, Stereo Zoom Microscope (EMZ-5TR) in the foreground.

Stereo microscopes give the viewer an upright stereoscopic image. This is particularly useful for biologists performing dissections, technicians repairing circuit boards or anyone who need to work on small objects, like in this case.

one show scope


The episode features the biggest coin hoard ever unearthed in the British Isles. Nearly 70 thousand Roman coins worth an estimated 10 million pounds! The coins were discovered by two local metal detectorists. Before you head out with your metal detector, you should know that any archaeological objects found by the public, which could be treasure, have to be declared by law and even then, you might not make your millions!

The episode was aired on 3rd March 2020, and the segment can be found from 23 minutes in if you’d like to watch.