Meiji ma151-mt05x c-mount adapter

Product Description

Any digital or video camera with a “C” type lens mount (1″ diameter thread) can be mounted on any Meiji Techno trinocular microscope (25.2mm tube) by using these “C”-mount attachments.

Camera Chip SizeSuggested Adaptor
1/4″0.265 or 0.3X
1/2″0.45X, 0.5X or 0.6X
1/1.8″0.45X, 0.5X or 0.6X

They are available with projection lenses of different powers allowing some control over the magnification and the field of view. “C” mount cameras will require part number V-5MM to be threaded on prior to installing the adapter.

Please note: Reduction lenses (i.e. magnification factors less than 1.0x) are commonly used to compensate for the increased magnification factor inherent with cameras used on microscopes.

Product Code Description
“C” Mounts Without Lenses
MA151/5N "C" Mount Adapter for EM Series Stereo Trinocular Microscopes – HAS NO LENS (Replaces existing photo tube)
MA151/10 "C" Mount Adapter for all Compound Trinocular Microscopes – HAS NO LENS (Replaces existing photo tube)
“C” Mounts With Lenses – For all Meiji Trinocular Compound and Stereo Microscopes
MA151/35/03 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.30X lens (Slips over existing photo tube)
MA151/35/04 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.45X lens (Slips over existing photo tube)
MA151/35/15 “C” Mount Adapter with 1.0X lens (Slips over existing photo tube)
MA151/35/20 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.7X lens (Slips over existing photo tube)
MA151/35/25 “C” Mount Adapter with 2.5X lens (Slips over existing photo tube)
MA151/35/50 “C” Mount Adapter with 0.5X lens (Slips over existing photo tube – with reticle mount, accepts 19mm reticle)
“C” Mounts for EMZ-8TR, EMZ-8TRD, EMZ-12TR, EMZ-12TRD and EMZ-13TR
MA151/8TR “C” Mount adapter with 0.60X lens ()
MA151/8TR/02 “C” Mount adapter with 0.265X lens ()
“C” Mount Adapter – For all Meiji TC & IM Series Front Camera Ports on Inverted Microscopes
MA877 C-Mount Adapter for front port IM & TC Series (no lens, port has 0.66x mag factor)
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