Successful installation of RM-1 POL Microscopes at Cardiff University

Mazurek Optical Services are pleased to announce the successful delivery and installation of 50 Microtec RM-1 transmitted and 23 Dual LED Polarising Microscopes at the Department of Earth Sciences, Cardiff University. After winning a national Tender the University decided that the RM-1’s were clearly best value for money without compromising build quality and optical performance. MOS also offered a free upgrade by changing the adjustment thumb screws for the rotating stages and condensers to grub screws. This helped to make sure the instruments did not go out of alignment by wondering fingers. Microtec products are also supported with a Limited Life Time Warranty. For more information on the RM-1’s or any other Microtec products please contact us.

Dual LED POL Microscopes

20150915_145954 (2)


Original Thumb Screws before Modification

20150915_153956 (2)

Grub Screws fitted and centered after modification

20150915_150009 (2)

Transmitted LED POL Microscopes

20150916_130115 (2)