Through the Lens: Things That’ll Make you go Yuck!

In the first of this series we’re putting a spotlight on some of the more stomach-churning sights you can see with the use of a microscope.

*Warning, you might not want to read the below while you’re eating your lunch. *

  1. Bacteria

These microscopic organisms cannot be viewed with the naked eye. This is because they only measure a few micrometers in length. This is a picture of Pseudomonas Bacteria which is commonly found on household appliances.

Bacteria 1

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In addition, this is an image of the bacteria on a mouth swab. (If you’ll excuse us, we’re off to brush our teeth).


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2. Eyelashes

Your eyelashes and the tiny creatures that live on them. Feeling itchy yet?

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3. Ticks

If you or your pet has ever had a tick, you might want to look away now. While visible with the naked eye – you don’t get this much graphic detail without the use of a Microscope.


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4. A Dust Particle

This is a magnified image of a tape lift of normal household dust. It includes paper fibres, glass and cosmetics but the flat colourless particles are human skin flakes!!!

Dust Particle

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